The biggest difference is the look. Oil is the more traditional look that ambers with age. Water is clear and does not amber over time; it is more durable and is environmentally friendly.

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home for a hardwood floor. It is enhances the warmth and overall look of your kitchen, it’s easy to keep clean and if maintained properly will provide years of service.

Prefinished hardwood offers a virtually flawless finish. It also has a harder finish than site finished flooring. And, you'll have less down time since once it is installed there is no sanding or staining required. It is available in a wide variety of species, widths and colors. A slightly eased or beveled edge between the boards allows the floor to be installed over imperfect subflooring. It can also be sanded and refinished or recoated for a lifetime of beauty and service.

Site finished hardwood offers unlimited color and gloss choices and is sanded smooth so there is no beveled edge or small groove between the boards. This is the traditional floor most people are used to and gives you the best natural look of a hardwood floor.

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